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About C-Nav

C-Nav® is a dynamic DGNSS Precise Point Positioning system, providing worldwide accuracy of <0.1 meter horizontally and 0.2 meter vertically.* C-Nav's superior solution is based on Real Time GYPSY® technology developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to provide centimeter-level accuracy for navigation in space and for a range of complex spacecraft maneuvers.

A technological leap from DGNSS
C-Nav does not suffer from the effects of spatial decorrelation found in traditional DGNSS systems, nor does it require seeing common GNSS satellites. It solves the problem by solving the cause of the problem - at its source. C-Nav's positioning is just as accurate in both marine and land environments. A C-Nav subscription, combined with C-Nav hardware, will provide worldwide positioning capability of 10cm or better.

Options and pricing
To select a high accuracy positioning solution that meets your needs, or for more information on the C-Nav Corrections Service, contact a C-Nav Office in your region.

*At one sigma within adequate INMARSAT and GNSS satellite visibility