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Russia Expected to Spend $12B on GLONASS Development February 14, 2012


Russia may spend 346.5 billion rubles (almost $12 billion in US dollars) on its GLONASS satellite navigation system in 2012-2020, according to a report in Ria Novosti. Government sources told Kommersant space agency Roscosmos and the economics ministry had agreed on a draft development program for the GLONASS project, and it had already been submitted for government’s approval in late January.

The expenditures include 146.9 billion rubles ($5 billion US) to support the system and 138.3 billion rubles ($4.6 billion US) to develop it.

Thirty-one GLONASS satellites are now in orbit, with 24 operating to provide global coverage. Four satellites are in reserve and one is undergoing trials. By 2020 Russia plans to have 30 satellites in orbit, including six in reserve. Russia plans to launch 13 GLONASS-M satellites and 22 GLONASS-K satellites to replace outdated spacecraft. Eight Proton-M and 11 Soyuz-2.1b carrier rockets will be built to launch the satellites.